PDSA Pakistan celebrates October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA) with collaboration of CBM International and SIOVS Hyderabad celebrated October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month in Marriott Hotel Karachi.

The Guest Speakers include Self Advocate Down Syndrome Child Syeda Alisha Amin uddin, self advocate Hassan Patel, Mr. Muhammad Umar Soomro Minister for Law and Human Rights, Mr. Tauha Farooqui Secretary Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD), Mr. Abid Lashari CEO Pakistan Down Syndrome Association (PDSA), Mr. Aman Khan Program Manager CBM International, Mr. Jalil Ahmed Rajpar representative SIOVS, Mr. Iqbal Detho Chairperson Sindh Human Rights Commission, Ms. Iffat Sultana, Mr. Tariq Hussain Channar, Mr. Robin, Ms. Faiza Jawad and others said that Down syndrome occurs across the human spectrum and is the most common chromosomal condition.

Each year, about 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome — a 1 in 700 chance. The prevalence of Down syndrome increases with the mother’s age. It is associated with delays in physical growth, characteristic facial features and intellectual disability. In fact, the average IQ of an adult with Down syndrome is equivalent to that of an 8-year-old. These are just facts, and like all facts, they can fail to provide a full picture.

The truth is that children born with Down syndrome can absolutely go on to live happy and long lives. And with Down Syndrome Awareness Month every October, we can be inspired to learn more about this topic and to celebrate people born with Down syndrome and the medical advancements that increasingly improve their quality of life.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month takes place annually in October. Raising awareness and supporting those with Down syndrome is important every month of the year, but October is a time to put extra effort into building knowledge and increasing awareness.

The life expectancy of those with the disease has increased dramatically over the years. In 1983, the average life expectancy of someone with Down syndrome was age 25, but it is now 60, according to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. The awareness campaign builds up knowledge that What is Down syndrome?
What are symptoms of Down syndrome?
Why Down Syndrome Awareness Month important?
What ribbon represents Down syndrome?

How do you observe Down Syndrome Awareness Month? Down Syndrome Awareness Month is a month-long observance in October to raise awareness of Down syndrome and to advocate for the rights and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. It is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of people with Down syndrome and to show support for their families and caregivers. There are many ways to participate in Down Syndrome Awareness Month like learn about Down syndrome. Talk to your friends and family about Down syndrome. Share what you have learned and help to break down stereotypes.

Share information about Down syndrome on social media.

Use the hashtag #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth to help spread the word. Support organizations that work with people with Down syndrome. By getting involved in Down syndrome awareness month, you can help to create a more inclusive and accepting world for people with Down syndrome. During the sessions the efforts of the DEPD Department Government of Sindh were highly appreciated and it was advised to do more efforts where gaps existed.

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