PDSA has program for regular service for the persons with Down Syndrome in Pakistan. PDSA has following
programms for the uplift of Persons with Down Syndrome

PDSA with collaboration of Department of Empowetment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPD) Government of Sindh has established “PDSA NDF REHAB CENTER” in Karachi. The Rehab Centers caters needs of 100 children with intellectual disabilities Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia & other learning Disabilities (Aged 04-17yrs) with engaging in services of life therapies i.e Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Education, Sports & independent living with 20% boarding and 80% at Day Care services. The children are being provided boarding & Day Care facilities.

PDSA Services benefit in Psychotherapy for Behavioral modification, Aggression Reduction, Activity of Daily Living (ADL) improvements, in Physiotherapy for strengthening/stretching muscles, improving range of motions of all joints/balance/sensation/ flexibility & posturing, in Occupational Therapy for fine motor skills (Dressing, Eating, Hygiene Maintaining [toileting], Gripping, Buttoning), Gross motor skills (Improving walking, Neck Holding, Stepping, Stair climbing), in Speech Therapy for treatment of speech and communication disorders, enabling to talk, in Non-Formal Education for preparation, motivation for schooling to get basics of learnings, in Sports for sports spirit engagement to live active and physical fitness.

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